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Welcome To The Accidental Trainer

Helping Companies And Individuals When Change Is Inevitable
Let's Go!

I help busy Trainers,and Training managers develop Their skills as accidental trainers

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The Accidental Training Manager

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About The Accidental Trainer

I would like the opportunity to share with you the secrets of success as a Trainer whether you have set out on the path to be a Trainer or like so many of the people I have worked with now found that your current job has evolved to include a significant amount of training others (what I call an accidental trainer)


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my course

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my course at the beginning of February. It really did give me an insight into the workings of our Executive Committee and the kinds of situations they face and the challenges they have running an organisation.

Jenny, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

Hayley Binstead, Board in the City Southampton

Paul has really stood out as a great trainer

We would just like to say that Paul has really stood out as a great trainer, he was really thorough in his delivery of training programme and made the overall experience really enjoyable.

I finally left my day job!

Thank you ever so much for your support with the management training for us , Some of the delegates were very much on a high after seeing the changes they could make. Paul’s one to one coaching really helped me understand what changes to make within our business     

Andrew Norman, Director WBN LAW                           


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