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We are increasingly using platforms like zoom to deliver our training sessions and here are 10 tips for using whiteboards in Zoom and other similar platforms.

1. Start the zoom meeting early (long before your participants are due) so you can ensure that everything is working OK and everything has been loaded ready for the session.

2. Be comfortable sharing a whiteboard during delivery -practise with friends before launching the virtual training session for real. Practise being a learner as well as the Trainer so that you understand both experiences.

3. Especially understand where participants can access their annotation tools. They will probably need your help in accessing them.
4. Know the different annotation tools such as drawing, text, Shapes and Stamps. Be creative as to how you want to use them to include variety and add interest.
5. Remember their screens controls are laid out differently to yours as the presenter. Tip-might help when practising as a learner to take screen shots and have them on separate slides to help you talk them through where to find controls.
6. Prepare headings of your whiteboards in advance -when you do this you can take your time and create a Headings and drawings.
7. It can be confusing if all the participants write in the same space so allocate different areas of the white board to them such as Sam you write in the top left-hand side -Susan you write in Bottom left etc.
8. If dividing the flip charts in distinct areas for the participants to write -use horizontal lines to divide rather than vertical as it is easier for participants to write the page.
9. When using Break-out rooms first of all allow multiple participants to share their screens and one of them can open a whiteboard in their discussion groups. At the end he/she can save it and on return to the ‘main’ training room share their work with everyone else.
10. Your PowerPoint slides can be written on too. You can highlight points that you wish to emphasise and even the learners can illustrate on them
The next move is up to you-want to know more about running online virtual training sessions
If you are struggling with the technology as a trainer and want to pick my brains then you can always book in your FREE call with me here