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We all know that knowledge fades at a stunning rate. I have read that on average Learners forget up to 70% of what they were taught with 24 hours . Here are 10 ways to deepen learning and combat that learning curve.
1. Brainstorming: Have Learners generate as many ideas about the subject as they can in a given time period
2. Create Adverts: Provide each Learner (or small teams of learners) with a blank piece of flipchart paper and ask them to imagine that they are marketing the idea, principle, etc that they previously learned about and to create an advertisement for it
3. Quiz -Instead of the Trainer setting a quiz split the learners into small teams and have them research their notes and create questions (with answers) for the other teams.
4. Case Studies– Trainer could provide the learners with a case study but much better if you divide the learners into small teams with instructions to develop case studies for others to use.
5. Problem Solving– Create a problem scenario on the topic previously trained and let your learners solve it using the knowledge gained on the course.
6. Presentations – Issue the learners with flipcharts, pens etc with instructions to prepare a presentation back to the group on subjects covered on the course.
7. Exams and tests- Create an exam style quiz for learners to complete. To make it different from a quiz you could set it up in exam conditions.
8. Guest Speaker- Invite a guest speaker to present on the topics of the course-if it is someone who is recognised as an expert on the subject.
9. Games – there are many different games designed for both the face to face and virtual training rooms that you can use to emphasise and recap previous sessions.
10. Interviews – Learners can interview each other or the guest speakers (if you have some) on the subjects of the course.