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Building rapport with your participants is key to your success as a trainer. The most important clues you will receive are the unspoken non-verbal ones. I have long believed that body language says more about you than words.

Here are 5 suggestions to aid you in your quest to build rapport with your learner whether online or face to face

  • Smile and show your learners than you like them and are excited to see them (even if only onscreen)
  • Establish rapport with each individual as either they walk into your training room or enter the online room. (A strong reason why trainers should always arrive or sign in early)
  • Notice the postures of your audience such as slumped shoulders, tilted head, crossed arms and consider why might they sitting this way -Are they bored, disinterested -if so try and re-engage with them.
  • Keep your physical energy in line with the group. Don’t come bouncing in like a whirlwind when the group is in a more reflective mood.
  • Match or mirror facial expressions along with eye movements and patterns.

Not sure how you can adapt your training style online -then I can help please get in touch.