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I have been a trainer and a trianer of trainers for a long time, and over that time I have had many questions asked so here are some of the most common ones that come up time and time again

1. How did you get into your freelancing, self-employed role?

I have had many managers in my working life, most of them best forgotten but once in a while you have the good fortune to be managed by someone who encourages and inspires you. One such Manager concerned that I hadn’t got a job I applied for suggested I attend an assessment centre and although I didn’t qualify to attend moved mountains to get me on it. Attending the Centre I completed many teats and assessments and after which I was interviewed and the Interviewer outlined the roles in the bank I was must suited for. The first was ‘Trainer’ and it was la light bulb moment -I love helping people learn and develop. Cutting a long story short I obtained a Training Qualification in night school and when the next vacancy for a trainer arose I applied and got it. Later on the recruiting manager revealed her reasons for giving me the opportunity=”After all your preparation I felt I had to give you the chance”

2. What work have you been doing recently?

As I said before I have a passion for helping people grow and develop -none more so than new trainers and recently I have designed and delivered a Virtual Training Course entitled “Survival Skills for Accidental Trainers aimed at people who didn’t set out to be a trainer but now unexpectedly find it is now a major part of their role.

3. What do you enjoy most about delivering courses?

Where do I start there’s the fun of meeting new people, travelling to places all over the world but I guess it is the challenge of taking a group of people on a learning journey and at the end of it seeing the progress that they have made.

4. Who has been the biggest influence on your life since you become a Freelance Trainer?

I have to say my wife who has never stopped believing in me. On one occasion I had the opportunity to run a course that I was not as confident in as I would like. With her support I studied and prepared the material and ran the course. The result of which was to open up many exciting opportunities and adventures.

5. Funniest thing that has happened to you since you become a Freelance Trainer?

Having designed a session on the subject of problem solving I was looking for a video clip to introduce the session. My daughter suggested using a clip from the Sound of Music involving a collection of Nuns singing “How to solve a Problem like Maria” . Used this several times on courses and it was a lovely introduction and I thought no more about it until one day I was running the session in Dubai and one of the attendees was a lovely Catholic Nun and it was an amazing moment when she joining the singing with the Nuns on screen.

6. What’s your worst nightmare or challenging situation have you encountered in the training room?

Anticipating a recruitment freeze the Mortgage Team recruited a huge number of new Mortgage Advisers however the normal induction process look 6 weeks and 3 trainers. There simply was not enough time or trainers to run the normal programme-my task was to develop a condensed variation allowing us to train the more experienced new entrants. Cutting out all duplication and by increasing the amount of pre-course I succeeded in making 6 weeks fit into 3

7. Name one thing that you find difficult as a freelance trainer?

Love meeting people and everything that comes with being a freelance trainer except completing my company accounts. Fortunately, my son who is a qualified accountant keeps me on the right track.
As maybe a new trainer into the world of freelance training you have an exciting time ahead of you, If you are looking for support as you develope into your freelance training career then feel free to pick my brains on a FREE call with me.
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