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A trainer’s life can be very busy and often we can be tempted to take short cuts with our preparation however these is these things need to be avoided at all costs. These things will kill your plans to run the perfect session.

  1. Starting with an apology

Nothing shows you up as a weak trainer than starting off with an apology. I do recognise that even with the most careful planning things do go wrong. Avoid an apology being your first words -instead begin by offering value. Greet the audience first and commend them for their patience, enthusiasm, promptness, etc. then apologise quickly and immediately go to an active and energetic start.

  1. Starting Late

Public transport can be a nightmare especially in cities such as London and despite your best endeavours your participants can get held up. Even when we run online training a network might be experiencing issues thus preventing Learners signing on the meeting. If you are waiting for people to arrive you might tell the group that is there “ there is a problem with …..only half our group have arrived/signed in. We will start in 10 minutes until that time please feel free to chat among yourselves.

  1. Equipment failure

Set the room up in advance or start the meeting early as this will give you time and opportunity to rectify things or replace anything if needed.

  1. WIFI failure

Have a back-up plan if your WIFI provider lets you down. My smart phone allows me to link to it and utilise 4G and I have run online meetings using this. Fortunately, I have plenty of data allowance within my plan so this has not added to my mobile phone bills.

  1. Starting too slowly

Whether your training session is face to face or online always start with a smile, enthusiasm and energy. If you are not excited by your topic how do you expect others to be. The more energy you give -the more energy you will get back from your audience. Particularly important to have good posture so that your voice sounds clear and confident.

  1. Unexpected introductory remarks

You thought it would be a good idea to have the sponsor of the training event however they give a message that is not aligned with that of the training event. This can be a blow to your credibility -much better for you to prepare that person but if this isn’t possible at least check what they expect to be talking about.

  1. Starting without audience attention

Rather than simply saying” may I have your attention please?” Get creative something unusual will stimulate interest. Failure to grab their attention right from the start can set you a challenge for the rest of the training event.