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Whether online or face to face there is a need to finish the course with a feeling of completion -here are some ideas to provide this

  1. Issue certificates of completion -On face to face events hand out the certificate with a handshake or if online show the certificate on screen so the learner can see and send it to them electronically.
  2. Have learners complete a ‘final’ test or quiz.
  3. Encourage individuals or teams to make a presentation concerning what they have learned.
  4. Have a guest speaker attend and talk about the next step for the participants. This could be videoed in advance and used both online and in face to face courses
  5. Set up a network group -share contact information or encourage learners to connect on social media such as LinkedIn
  6. Nominate roles of participants such as “best laugh” , “snappiest dresser”, ”Quickest Volunteer” “Wittiest Comments, etc and then hold awards ceremony
  7. Brainstorm what learners should do next and how they can overcome the obstacles.
  8. Instigate a ‘closing’ ritual such as applause.
  9. Hold a Party to celebrate completion of the learning event.

Looking for more ideas to start or open a course -then why not book a free 20 minute discussion with me?