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So, you are new to the world of training and are looking for a course that will teach you what you need to effectively plan and deliver training courses that will set you up for success. Here are a few quick tips to enable you to identify the most suitable course for you.

  1. Is the course available in both face to face and virtual training room format? This will provide you with the best opportunity to learn in the way that best suits your preferred method of learning.
  2. Can I attend the course at a time that suits me? One of the huge advantages of online virtual training is its flexibility. Not having to travel and attend a building enables training to be organised to suit different time-zones.
  3. Has the trainer the required experience and qualifications to teach you all that you need? What you are looking for is a breath of knowledge and skills to facilitate your development.
  4. Will the training course offer you the chance to acquire the skills needed to increase learner participation? Research shows that participants in training learn quicker if they are encouraged to discuss and test out their new knowledge.
  5. Can I do this in a group or one to one? Check the minimum numbers policy of the training organisation you are considering! Some companies may require you to wait ages on a waiting list for there to be sufficient numbers to run a course. Need to be trained in a hurry you need a learning course flexible enough to provide a rich development experience even if run on a one to one basis.
  6. Does the course offer additional coaching support for you as you experiment with the techniques you have learned? As you test and apply the learning you will benefit from the support of a coach
  7. Will I have to pay upfront? Training is an investment in your future career and personal success however not everyone can pay all the fees all at once so it can be useful to have a facility to spread the cost.

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