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I have been in training for some time now and love the buzz I get from being in front of a room full of participants ready to learn in the traditional face to face training environment.
With all this experience under my belt I am adept at reading body language and can pick up whether a Learner is struggling, disengaged or bored and this enables me to change and adapt in the training room to deal with these situations.
Like many other trainers as soon as the pandemic began to hit my work disappeared. Used to travelling across the world to deliver training to people from all backgrounds and cultures it was a shock to lose this way of life.
During the lockdown I was offered the opportunity to use zoom to deliver some webinar training (note I now refer to this as virtual online training rather than use webinar which has in some people eyes the as being synonymous with long boring diatribe via computer). Not only this but I felt that I would lose the ability to connect with my audience in the same way.
They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and this certainly was the case with me learning to adapt my training styles and methods and start to use zoom. So, I did and practised on my poor family until I felt I could teach others to use the platform (teaching others is a sure-fire way of making sure that you embed the learning yourself).
Using zoom to offer a free one to one session I coached a number of people on how to use this service and to my absolute surprise a former Manager of over 23 years ago connected with me and we have now held a reunion for his old team using zoom.
My tip to making learning permanent is to go out there and teach others what you have learned. So if you are struggling to get to grips with Zoom and want some help so you can train like a pro on zoom then why not book in a free call with me