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Virtual online training however enthusiastically delivered can involve sitting for long periods and a breaks are need if only to stretch or take a comfort break.

Here are a few things that I have successfully used.

  • Take a scheduled break and display a timer to count down the time. Displaying a clock ticking down powerfully reminds attendees that they need to be back online when the timer shows zero.
  • Encourage participants to stand and stretch during their break.
  • During the break when people have had the chance to ‘put the kettle on’ have everyone show their cuppa and say ‘cheers’ -lightens the mood and you know that everyone
  • Change something about themselves -if using cameras challenge participants to change one thing about their appearance during the break for example different shirt or blouse and everyone else has to guess what the chance was.

When training is delivered online there is a tendency to forget basic’s like the comfort of attendees and at first I was sacred to take a break in case they didn’t come back. If you training is compelling enough that won’t be an issue.

How have you found ‘taking a break’ during virtual online training? Please share your experiences?