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One of the most amazing things my family did during lockdown was to teach a 92year old lady how to ‘facetime’.

How did you cope during the various different versions of lockdown that we have faced? i think the lockdowns were and are very hard on people who live alone and are isolated from their family -none more so than an elderly relative of ours. A very sprintly  and sociable 92 year old, normally used to being an active person going about town and meeting up with old friends-this amazing lady found being alone her worst nightmare. Struggling with poor hearing (she was waiting on an appointment for a hearing test which was postponed becasue of Covid) she failed to get much enjoyment from speaking on the phone. We knew that if she could only see the faces of the people at the other end she would be able to pick up more of what was being said. And we  thought if ony we could help her to ‘facetime’ on her mobile and see faces. Eventually after a great deal of patience and guidance she learned how to ‘facetime’. Now she could see peoples faces and overnight her world changed, relatives she hadn’t spoken to in years now got a facetime call.

I see this as an example of how given the right amount of support and encouragement we can all learn to adapt to change. A simple example of how embracing new technolgy can help us deal with this challenging times.

Talking of adapting to challenging times -I have had to change and evolve my training techniques from the physical training room to virtual world  because rightly so we are discouraged from travelling and meeting in large groups. With help and guidance from others I ran my first complete training course online a few weeks ago. This was a totally different experience because I quickly realised that online training isn’t just about sharing some slides online-  attention spans are much shorter. and people can be easily distracted by that email popping up. Therefore you need to design for much more interaction and co-operation by using break out rooms and the other tools that the various platforms like Zoom, Webex and other provide. I am happy to say that as a result of completely redesigning my course for online training , it went very well and I was very pleased at the reactions of those who attended.

This is what one of the participants said

“I have worked in training for a number of years, but found Paul’s course “Survival Skills for the Accidental Trainer” very useful. It reminded me of some things that I had forgotten, and I learned new things to try. Paul’s use of the online technology facilities meant I was engaged throughout each of the sessions. I look forward to the next course.”

Steve Silsby Director of Twig training and consultancy

My message is simply that if I and a 92year old lady can adapt, then so can you. Want to know how I can you adapt and evolve? Why not book a free 20 minute discussion with me to see how I can help?