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Letter to all  ‘accidental ‘trainers

Letter to all ‘accidental ‘trainers

Message to all training personnel who didn’t set out to be a trainer but, now find that learning and development in particular training is a key part of their role and are now what I refer to as ‘accidental trainers’ Dear ‘accidental’ trainer I consider myself to be...
8 times when you should turn down work

8 times when you should turn down work

This may sound counter intuitive but there are times when if you want to maintain credibility you have to recognise your personal limitations. A false sense of your abilities leading to a (I can do anything) attitude may do you more harm than good. So here are a few...
7 Things to trip up a trainer

7 Things to trip up a trainer

A trainer’s life can be very busy and often we can be tempted to take short cuts with our preparation however these is these things need to be avoided at all costs. These things will kill your plans to run the perfect session. Starting with an apology Nothing shows...