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As a traditional classroom-based trainer I must admit that I looked down upon webinar style training as being as inferior and a poor relation to face to face training and because of this I disparaged them.

They say however that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ well the lockdown changed everything. No longer was classroom training an option and going online was now ‘the only game’ in town. So, reluctantly I set about upskilling myself to be able to deliver professional training using webinar platforms such as zoom and Cisco WebEx and here is what I discovered.

A lot of my resistance to change was a result of being out of my comfort zone. Over the years of being in the physical training room I believe I achieved a good level of confidence and skills in designing and delivering training which both met objectives and provided a pleasurable experience. Going online seemed to rob me of all my certainties and recognising this I decided to ask for help.

Attending some online courses on how to deliver training online I learned some valuable insights.

  • Online training is not simply transferring your PowerPoint slides online and presenting them in the same way albeit now online. People’s attention span online is a lot shorter than in the physical room so sessions should be limited to 60-90minutes maximum.
  • Just because training is online you don’t lose all your skills for example when displaying slides, you can still facilitate discussions by either having individuals unmute themselves or by using tools like chat. Furthermore, features like whiteboards can be used just like you would use a flipchart in the physical training room.
  • I had also forgotten my journey to being competent in the training room-when I first started out my presentation was perhaps a little awkward and less professional but it wasn’t very long before I felt confident and capable. So why wouldn’t I become competent again and this proved to be the case. Once I had mastered the technology and could focus on the training rather than which button to press all the former feelings of competency returned.
  • On the point of mastering the technology -nothing beats practise and my poor family were subjected to zoom meeting after zoom meeting so that I could practise with them as ‘pretend’ learners and much sooner than I imagined my old confidence came back.

So, whatever your reason for holding back from running webinar -if I can do so can you. Why not start by attending our free 30minute webinar entitled ‘Webinars -why and how and go to