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Ok we have all seen science fiction films where they can travel through time and space and after working another episode of my favourite Sci Fi show, I wondered if I owned a time machine and had the chance to go back and meet myself when I was young -what would I tell that younger version of me?

This is what I came up with -would you add anything to this list?

Experience – you need to get as wide range of experience as possible. I once met someone who had done the same job and role for 10 years and boosted that he had 10 years knowledge however there was so little variety in this position that one year was pretty much the same as the previous. In reality he had 10 x 1 year’s experience rather than 10 so if you are looking to process as a trainer widen your field of expertise. Look to expose yourself to all the different methods and types of training inclding both face to face and digital. Trainers without any previous experience of training online are finding this new of social distancing a very difficult one.

Beware of Silos-What do I mean by silo -its being stuck in a role that provides limited room for developing for ezample when I worked as a trainer for the Large Corporate Bank this meant specialising in delivery and whilst frequent restructures and reorganisation involved regular changes of team and specialist subjects, there was little opportunity to broaden my training experience to include conducting training analysis and designing training programmes.

Fortunately, a promotion to Training Consultant widened my experience up to include ‘training needs analysis’ and design for the the London region but I regret not having  more exposure to these aspects of training  now that I run my own freelance Training Company.

Switich Employers –this leads me to my next point -don’t be afraid to move on and change employers since this will open up even more opportunities for you to develop. As I have discovered training outside the Corporate World is a lot different for example smaller companies often do not have the integrated Learning Systems that their larger counterparts use and furthermore, learning can be seen as ‘nice to do’ rather than a necessity. Another advantage of working in a new organisation you can take with you ideas which may seem worn out in the old company but, to the new employer thay can see them as fresh and exciting.

Get every qualification you can– Whilst experience is key you may find that the lack of a certain qualification could result in your application, for that new role/contract you want, is automatically rejected. Yes i know some believe experience and applied knowledge are more useful than a piece of paper but automatic vetting processes will stop you getting in front of ‘decision makers’ and you will never have the chance to show them how competent you are.

Take advantage of the different options available and I don’t mean just scheduled courses-the internet is full of courses some which you have to pay for but there are many free options as well. If you spend a while googling ‘free training course’ you will be amazed at not just how many but also the variety are on offer.

Feedback is a gift- I admit it not all feedback is pleasant, unbiased and fair but even the most prejudiced feedback may have a crumb of truth about it. View it as an opportunity to hold up a mirror to your performance and develop yourself. Try to look beyond the emotion and see feedback as an opportunity to be even better at your job.

Mentor- I am at point in my career where I am happy to coach and work with people just starting out and I am not the only one with this attitude. Mentors can help as they often see the wider perspective and also their experience and enthusiasm can spur you on to do your best.There are some free Mentor networks why not investigate what and who is available in your field.Better still your current company may have a list of Mentors to choose from , if these options don’t work why not put out a request on LinkedIn?

So if you are new trainer looking for help or want to explore training the accidental trainers that work in your organisation?-Then why not go to for help? Why not book a free 20 minute no obligation discussion?