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Message to all training personnel who didn’t set out to be a trainer but, now find that learning and development in particular training is a key part of their role and are now what I refer to as ‘accidental trainers’

Dear ‘accidental’ trainer

I consider myself to be very fortunate that I was lucky enough to have some superb career coaching which pointed me in the direction of training. As a result of this conscious decision I took advantage of the many ‘train the trainer’ courses and events organised by the UK Retail bank that I worked for.

Like many organisations the Bank was constantly in a state of change and as a result the portfolio of courses that I was asked to train and eventually specialise in enabled me to experience different audiences and topics.

I am guessing however that your training to become a trainer is certainly not as extensive as the education that I was able to benefit from. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have had very little training and support and perhaps are just ‘doing the best you can’

So, I would like share 3 thoughts and 1 warning that I believe might be of help to you in your new role

  1. The world of training is changing. The recent lockdowns across the world have accentuated the move away from the traditional classroom towards virtual classes and more flexible styles of learning. So be comfortable with change and be its champion. Grab with both hands any opportunity to develop your online training skills.


  1. Foster a network consisting of a mixture of trainers and subject experts to provide support and guidance to you. I have heard ‘trainers’ as being described as magpies in that much like the bird is attracted to shiny objects when trainers see an exercise, activity or way of explaining a concept we cannot resist picking it up. I have always found that other trainers are only too willing to share their ideas , after all educating and helping people develop and grow is in our DNA


  1. I believe that there will still be a need for some face to face physical training for example I can’t imagine teaching swimming as an online course. Therefore, if your work as a trainer requires you to travel and be away from home instead of moaning about this-grasp this opportunity to go to different parts of your country or perhaps even further and look up former colleagues and friends. As much fun as, Social Media is nothing enhances friendship than to see friends in the flesh. You might be thinking of sight-seeing but I have found that opportunities to this are limited because when we finish work for the day often there is little time left to see anything. However, we have to eat so why not share a meal with a friend you haven’t seen for ages.

And finally, a friendly warning.

Training is such a richly rewarding role so be prepared to be reluctant to move on because  it is hard to think of a situation that has as much job satisfaction.

With very best wishes

Your friend and fellow trainer



Are you an ‘accidental trainer ‘ looking to become a professionally trained trainer? Then if this is you don’t hesitate book a free 20-minute call with me