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Having and showing a professional imagine as a Trainer is one of the keys to your success. It is more than having a sharp suit or the best designer shoes, it goes deeper than that and your professional persona is about the way you interact with others.

Here are 13 points that you should consider if you wish to be more professional.

  1. Although professionalism is not solely about dress -it is hard to imagine someone being dressed untidily being taken seriously. Therefore, dress well and smarter than your learners
  2. Always show your passion when presenting your session. This goes for both face to face and virtual training sessions.
  3. Your mobile phone should be used tactfully- why not set the example of turning it off and only using it during breaks and even then, away from others/
  4. If a meeting is face to face offer your hand and when shaking hands do so firmly but not so firm as to crush the other person’s hand. Not meeting face to face but virtually instead be sure to give a verbal handshake by smiling and greeting the other person.
  5. After setting course rules -keep to what has been agreed.
  6. Speak truthfully and always look to be supportive- Others will know where they stand but not see you as an enemy.
  7. Respect the culture of your participants and ensure that your gestures, references continue to show this respect. For example, during Ramadan I remove all the little snacks from the table mindful that some of by participants may be fasting.
  8. Listen actively and carefully when someone mentions their name and use it when referring to them during the course.
  9. Use positive language and avoid using profane and vulgar terms. Swear words are not universal and remember just because a word is acceptable in your own country or region doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to use it elsewhere.
  10. Keep your material fresh and up to date. Networking with acknowledge subject matter experts can help with this.
  11. Training materials should reflect your professional image. No layout or spelling mistakes and when using colour, animations etc they need to enhance your message not detract from it.
  12. When you asked a question, you do not know the answer to -own up to this and explain that you will find out and get back to the questioner.
  13. Always be alert and fully present with your participants. Do not bring any personal problems into the training room.