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You have just joined the course which is either online or face to face and the trainer tells you that it is time for course introductions and your heart sinks. This can be for a number of reasons such as you find it boring or simply struggle to say something interesting and if it takes too long you may wonder are we ever going to get to the point?

It may help you if you understand exactly why Trainers put you through this ‘ordeal’ and here is a few of the reasons why. i do this.

  • Trainers want to get to know you and understand what your expectations are, to identify your knowledge gaps so that he/she can make the course more relevant to all the learners on their course. It helps set the foundation upon which I want to build.


  • Engender a sense of being part of a team to encourage a spirit of co-operation and collaboration during break out and project work.It is much easier to be relaxed with a group of people who you know in some sense. It really helps othere learners when they recognise that everyone else comes with the same basic level of knowledge. Of course sometimes you will find people attending the wrong group a session entitled ‘advanced skills’ pre-supposes a certain level of knowledge. for example on an advanced excel spreadsheet course a learner attended who didn’t even know what an excel ‘cell’ was. Fortnuately Iwas able to pair him with a very patient fellow learner who helped him in the breaks to catch up.


  • Welcome Mat -Trainers want to metaphorically lay down a welcome mat to help you feel at ease and feel more able to participate in class discussions. Often in a large group I will establish course rules such as respecting each other and not belittling anyone else’s contributions which goes a long way in removing anxiety. Creating an environment that participants feel safe in is of paramount importance.


  • Introduction Sessions also provides an opportunity for Learners to voice and raise concerns which allows the trainer to deal with these issues for example on occasion a learner who was dealing with a medical condition wanted to let me know that they needed frequent short breaks.


  • Another reason is that as a trainer I find it interesting to get to know my learners and I have often be amazed at the past attainments of my learners. Amongst the list of accomplishments learners have admitted to were:-
  • Contestant from the TV show ‘The Apprentice
  • TV quiz show winners
  • Olympic medallists
  • Countless other school champions


  • Gives the trainer and everyone else the opportunity to hear you pronouce your name. I have lost count of the number of times Ihave seen a name written down and thought it would be pronounced a certian way ony for the owner of that name to say it in a totally different way.

So, the next time you feel like groaning when the trainer runs the ‘Introductions’ session perhaps you now understand why we hold such great store on them.

Are you a Trainer looking for ideas on introductions?  Or new to training itself? Then why not get in booking a free 20minute call with me ?