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Are you Now Having To Train People Online?

Find Out More

Are you like I was a traditional classroom based trainer who resisted the move to online training?

Struggling to make online training work for you and achieve the engagement of learners that you are used to?

The Online Training Mastery Course Equips You With The Skills To Be The Best Online Trainer Possible .

Want to know more?

In this new world of ‘online’ training would you like to be competent and experienced?


Here I was a very experienced classroom based trainer who knew exactly how to engage learners and always received good feedback . The recent necessity to switch to online training however left me high and dry, my first attempts at online training were amateurish and awkward. Dissatisfied with these results I sought some coaching on how to design and deliver online training. This has enabled me to develop a clear pathway to help other trainers learn from my mistakes and set them up for success as revitalised ‘online trainer’



Who needs this course?

Experienced classroom trainers lost in the maze of ‘online training’who need guidance about how engage learners online by designing for involvement and encouraging working together


It’s not your fault the world has changed and left you behind, let me help you bridge the gap between the traditional and virtual world of training

Poor Training Skills Are Not Your Fault!

When will classroom training return we don’t know but one thing’s for certain business has changed. During lockdown even the most reluctant manager had to allow staff to work from home and now many people feel that it will be hard to return to the ‘old’ days. Travelling across countries, even if permitted, is frowned upon so we cannot count on bringing people to a distant training room

You could cross your fingers and hope that we return to ‘normal’ but most commentators believe that it make take years for that to happen, So don’t wait now is the time to act because all your competitors are changing and adjusting to virtual training and grabbing the business you are used to have.

As a trainer converted to ‘online’ training I have taken the journey ahead of you and am very well placed to guide you through it.

Imagine you are now competent in online training, the technology no longer confuses you and once more confident in the same way that you were in the classroom.

Imagine the end of nervousness and anxiety about online training and feeling self assured once again.

Online Training Mastery

Next course starts 16th November 2020


‘Online training Mastery -A series of 5 episodes training course of approximately 60minutes each session.

Who should attend





Course Contents

  • Session 1 -Face to Face and Online training -the differences and role of each one
  • Session 2-How to design for involvement
  • Session 3-How to encourage working and learning together online
  • Session 4-Activities for online training
  • Session 5 -Pulling it all together
  • Maximum number of attendees per session – 6


I am nervous about training online

The maximum numbers on the course is 6  so we will be able to go at your pace and most of the other learners are likely to feel the same

Can I spread the cost?

You can pay in 2 instalments of £100 -one before the course starts and the second before session 3 -Note if you qualify for the special introductory discount instalments reduce to £90

What if I miss a session?

All the sessions will be recorded so if you miss a session you can watch the recording and provided that it does not exceed maximum numbers join another course and attend the appropriate missed session

Act now!

And become the confident online trainer you were in the training room don’t delay as the world changes around you.

Introductory Price £299* Normal Price £399 -this includes all 7 episodes in this series Plus a one on one coaching session with your trainer arranged at your convenience


*Paid using the  Secure payment system-Paypal

** Can be paid in 5 equal payments of £60