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My name is Paul Shearing and I am an experienced and qualified Learning and Development Consultant who has worked across many industries and continents,

The term ‘accidental trainer’ refers to people who find themselves working as a trainer without receiving any guidance on ‘what makes a trainer successful.

Perhaps a restructure in your organisation means that training now forms a more significant part of your role. Or you have decided to share all your years of knowledge of expertise with the next generation and volunteered to train them?

Regardless of why you are in this situation I have created and tested a series of highly interactive training events designed to equip you for success in the classroom whether online or the traditional face to face setting.

I have called this  solution ‘Survival skills for the Accidental Trainer’ which does exactly what it says, teach you what you need to survive and thrive in your new role.

When you had the chance to gain experience with using the techniques discussed on the ‘Survival Skills’ course there is an opportunity to proceed to the ‘Advanced Skills for the Accidental Trainer’ and develop your skills to a higher level.

Maybe you already have acquired classroom competency and simply want to learn how to take your physical classroom skills online then you might wish to consider enrolling for the Online training Masterclass?

Are you a recently appointed Training Manager in which case you may be interested in my programme ‘Certificate in Training Management designed especially for you?  The challenge of managing team, balancing the needs and interests of all Stakeholders and doing this with a budget can be daunting. This course will give the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this challenging role.

Whatever course you enrol for you can be assured of a supportive and encouraging atmosphere because this engenders participation and co-operation and above produces great results.

 After every course attendees will be offered to chance to book a personal one to one coaching session with me as they work to apply the learning from their course.

Feel free to book a no-obligation call and explore how I can help