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Are you an accidental trainer?

Find Out More

Are you someone who now has training as one of their key job roles-yet you haven’t a clue about how Adults actually learn (and just hope that your message somehow gets through)

The Trainer Survival Series helps you become the best trainer you can be.

Transform your training from ineffective to effective!
Enabling ‘Accidental’ trainers (like you) to prepare for training sessions, use effective communication skills, as well as structure the event in order to increase the potential learning for the participants in their training.

Want to know more?

Experience how Adults learn, and use this to help Learners develop gain knowledge and develop skills so your training is a success!


New to Training, lacking in guidance and support and left to simply get on with it with the idea that ‘anyone can train’ and as a result are dissatisfied with their performance.

Your learners politely smile and maybe even show reasonable satisfaction with the training yet your intuition shouts out to you that something is ‘not quite right with your performance’. As an ‘Accidental Trainer’ you do your best however since no one has ever explained to you how adults learn how can you know how to engage their full learning capacities?



Tom has been assigned the role of Trainer in his organisation yet no-one has given him any training in how to formulate effective training sessions ,engage the audience and handle difficult situations in the training room or come to that the online meeting platform the organisation is using to provide online training. He is indeed the ‘Accidental Trainer’ that this training is designed for.

Poor Training Skills Are Not Your Fault!

Poor habits can be ingrained and the sooner you act the better-Don’t become the trainer whose sessions others dread.

This is an interactive training session so come prepared to work and share on the training event.

Maybe you’re thinking “I’ve done alright before now”

But doing alright is not what you are about

Excellently trained Trainers can provide the transformational training that Managers and Leaders so desire.

As an experienced International Trainer working across Europe and the Middle East I have designed and delivered training both in the traditional classroom and virtual training rooms. I have run all sorts of training events and used all the techniques I will train you in.

Over the years I have made all the mistakes, let me save you from doing the same and turn you into the professional, engaging and effective trainer you want to be.

Imagine yourself a confident, totally engaging trainer in front of audiences from every part of the organisation delivering well designed and effective training.

Imagine receiving praise and thanks from your Learners in helping them to acquire the new skills they need in a rapidly changing world.

Survival skills for the new trainer

Course overview


Designed as a flexible series of 7 x 60minute interactive Virtual training sessions which will take you through the process of building up your skills that you need as a new trainer whether in the traditional training room or using Virtual Training platforms

Who should attend





Course Starts 26th October 2020

Course Contents

  • Part 1-What makes a good trainer
  • Part 2-Great Opening and Closings
  • Part 3-Questioning Techniques
  • Part 4-Other Communication Skills that new trainers need
  • Part 5-Dealing with difficult situations
  • Part 6-Using Games/Ice breakers to best effort
  • Part 7-Choosing the right training methods


Can I spread the cost of the Training Sessions?

Yes the course can be paid for in 5 instalments of £60 -the first instalment must be paid before attending the first episode -Part 1 -What makes a Good Trainer and the subsequent instalments need to be paid before the each of the following 4 sessions

What will I learn on the course?

We begin by looking at what makes a good trainer and proceed to learn how to make effective openings and closings-moving onto communication skills and then to the most popular session -How to deal with difficult situations’ At the end of the series of training sessions you can expect to be equipped with the basic skills that you need as an ‘Accidental Trainer’

When will the sessions be held.

As a virtual Training Course -you will have the choice of several options between a morning, afternoon and evening session (London time) and you can choose the time that suits you best

When is the course?

The course starts on the 19th October 2020 

Act now!

Be among the first to sign up and receive a free one on one coaching session worth at least £100

Introductory Price £299* Normal Price £399 -this includes all 7 episodes in this series Plus a one on one coaching session with your trainer arranged at your convenience


*Paid using the  Secure payment system-Paypal

** Can be paid in 5 equal payments of £60