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Are You A New Manager In Charge Of Your Companies Training?

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You have been thrown in the deep end -you have been appointed as Manager of training and development for your organisation. Not only do you have to manage and develop a team of trainers (which may be widely spread and managed remotely) but you are now responsible to understand the training needs of your company in a time of great change but also to do so within tight budget.

You are a new training manger struggling to get to grips with your new responsibilities, you may have been a trainer yourself before this however now you need to get to grips with influencing Senior Management to back to back your training plans and whatsmore how do you do this within budget?

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to manage a team, undertake training needs analysis for the whole organisation and make strategic training decisions to support the organisation’s pursuit of its vision and objectives.

Want to know more?

Experience how Adults learn, and use this to help Learners develop gain knowledge and develop skills so your training is a success!


You will experience the benefit of aligning your training development plans to the goals of the organisation and be seen as part of the solution in addressing the need to upgrade and upskill the workforce to meet the challenges of a highly competitive economic environment.



Susan was a newly appointed training manager and she was keen to make a difference in her role. She undertook a detailed analysis of the development needs of the workforce and as a result designed a series of highly interactive training session. The training sessions were delvered professionally and the feedback from the participants was excellent-yet 3 months later nothing had changed in the organisation . In fact the figures showed a drop in the effectiveness of staff.

Don’t want to be like Susan -then you need this course.

New Training and Development Manager/Director in need of direction

It’s not your fault that success of a training course is only measured by the course evaluation sheets.Evaluation sheets only tell you if the training event was liked and appreciated -the real measure of success is the adoption of the new procesdures and methods of working taught in the training event.

The world is rapidly changing and organisations need their workforce to be adaptable and flexible. Unless organisations change they risk joining the ranks of names like Toys R Us. Flybe, Blockbusters and many more former household names that are no longer with us.

Act Now and take advantage of the introductory offer and take advantage of our pledge -we know how vital this course is to your success so we promise never to cancel this course because of low numbers so you can be assured it will go ahead

This course is intended for newly appointed Training Managers and for people aspiring to become a Training Manager. So whether you have already been appointed or planning your next step -why not be prepared for this exciting change and join us on our next course?

If you are a newly appointed Training Manager and want to stand out from the rest then this course is for you.


The Accidental Training Manager Course

Course overview


You have been appointed to run the training and development department for your organisation not only do you have a team of trainers to develop but you are now responsible for identifying training needs of the organisation, influencing key stakeholders and working to stay within a budget

Who should attend





Course Starts 4th January  2021

Course Contents

  • The importance of training and development
  • Difference between training and development
  • Influencing Skills needs by Training Managers
  • Identifying Key Stakeholder
  • Different Training Approaches and types of training
  • Identifying Skill Gaps
  • Making effective Decisions
  • Deciding Training Priorities
  • Undertaking Training Needs Analysis
  • Arranging training
  • Managing a remote training team
  • Setting training delivery standards
  • Coaching and developing trainers
  • Budget Management
  • Managing relationships with external providers


I am a busy manager and can’t take the whole day off to attend a course

Our Virtual training sessions can be organised at a time most suitable for you and  if needed the face to face courses can be run on a half day basis so that you are not away from your desk the whole day

I am concerned about going back into training

The maxiumum number of learners on this programme is 5 so you will have the attention and help of the trainer all the way through the programme.

Act now!

Act today and you will have the skills and knowledge to be an asset to your organisation as it strives to change and keep up to date in this rapidily changing world. Delay and your risk being laft behind.

Whats more you will find the secret to running successful training events as part of transformation projects and equip your workforce with what the organisation needs from them