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A few days ago, whilst out driving with my daughter (who is an occupational therapist) observed a little old lady on the other side of the road hobbling along using a Zimmer frame.

My daughter commented ‘she’s doing it wrong she is over-reaching and will hurt her back she needs to be shown how to use it correctly.

This got me thinking of a simple test to establish whether the training can be conducted online or not. Quite simply it if the learner cannot demonstrate online that they have acquired the learning and the only way to do so is to see them face to face then online training is not the answer.

Most learning experiences can be transferred online but the example of the little old lady is perhaps one that cannot be. To train her how to correctly use the equipment you will need to demonstrate, have her practise and observe her so closely that you can make help her make the adjustments to use the apparatus safely.

Can you imagine teaching someone to swim online? No this is one example of where you need a physical presence with you in the water to give you the confidence to let go because someone is there to pick you up and keep you safe.

For right now as we fight the Covid-19 virus the opportunities for face to face training are very limited but the time will return when it is an option again. When we do have the choice, it will important that not budget or convenience dictate if a course is delivered face to face or online but whether it the right solution.

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