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A discussion on change manager is invariably part of any new manager training that I deliver. I start the conversation by presenting each participant with a mock cheque for $5,000,000 and we then talk about how they would spend it assuming it was real.

New homes, fantastic holidays and fast cars frequently feature in their fantasy lists and everyone has a nice time thinking of this but at no point does anyone ever say –‘No I don’t like this change’.

So, if it is not change itself that people dislike what is it that people are unhappy about when they are faced with change?

Conclusion it is not change that people fear but rather it is change that they consider to be negative and out of their control.

We then proceed to discuss how Managers can assist people to see the positive aspects of the change and look what aspects of the change that they able to control.

Have you faced change in your role? Perhaps training others is now an unplanned part of your role and you are what I refer to as an ‘accidental trainer’ -want to know how I can help you -why not book a free 20 minute consultation so we can discuss how I can help?