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Training: My secret recipe

In 2011 the secret formula for Coca-Cola was moved by the Coca-Cola Company from a bank vault the to a new home at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.The competition between the 2 leading soft drinks manufacturers is so fierce that they guard their secrets carefully.

Despite claims that the formula has been revealed, a copy of the recipe for the coating of Kentucky Fried Chicken signed by Colonel Sanders, is still held safe inside a vault in KFC’s Louisville headquarters.

Such is the importance of keeping these secrets these  organisations have gone to great pains to remain the secrecy of their formulas.

My experience with training on the other hand is very different -trainers generally are very willing to share their tips and tricks. Perhaps it is the nature of our roles wherein we seek to help other learn and develop that makes trainers such natural sharers? Regardless of the reason I owe a lot of my success to the other trainers, coaches and mentors who have shared the secrets of their success with me and I am returning the favour by sharing the recipe for my success as a trainer with you.


  • Firstly, prepare your training room or your online meeting
  • Then gather all your materials together so that your handouts etc are organised or available to download if online
  • Check your mental state so you are focused and in control.
  • Prime your learners by sending out pre-course work in advance.


  • Pounds of passion providing drive and enthusiasm for your subject -if you are not excited how do you expect your learners to be.
  • Gallons of rapport through listening and responding to your learners and by using appropriate communication skills.
  • Pints of knowledge and understanding of your subject-whilst you cannot be expected to know every tiny aspect of the topic- you do need to project the confidence that you know what you are talking about.
  • Cup full of focusing on learners needs and not our own. Do not treat the training event as an opportunity for you to put in a gala performance.
  • Sprinkles of variety by including different activities and adjusting the pace so that you keep your participants engaged and interested.


  • Put all the ingredients together to produce a vibrant mixture enabling you to form the participants into a cohesive group supporting and helping themselves to learn together.
  • When shaped together include plenty of summaries and recap sessions to assist in retention of the skills , knowledge and abilities
  • Present your material in small bite sessions keeping to the point and concentrate on the needs of the learners.
  • Finally, always evaluate your efforts and consider what went well and what can be developed further.


  • I do not recommend that you store your training materials hidden in a vault never to be seen again. Training material can easily go out of date just think of all the technological and political changes we have witnessed in the past few years and if your material contains any reference to those it will risk being seen as irrelevant.
  • Set a regular review system involving subject matter experts if necessary to ensure that your materials are reviewed and updated as needed.

Are you a new trainer looking for success in your new role? Remember that I offer a free 20 minute consultaion -why not book an time and date now?