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How was lockdown for your business? I have been impressed by the many ways businesses have been able to adapt and evlove during this situation. Local Pubs becoming the village shop, Restaurants opening up street food stalls and a local theatre organising open air concerts are just some of the examples of ingenuity that I have witnessed however like many small business owner’s when lockdown started, I saw our business disappear overnight.

My friend Steve and I both had sperate training business and had each specialised in sub-contracting in the delivery of courses for other organisations and since they no longer any customers neither did we. A lesson here that perhaps our business model was not the sustainable one and what we needed for a client bank of our own rather than rely on others.

So, with time on our hands we enrolled in some of the various FREE webinars that were on offer. This has provided us with some useful insights into how webinars can benefit organisations and attendees alike.Why do people offer FREE webinars?

Here are some thoughts

  • To fill their time when business is slack or in the case of the lockdown non-existant- A skill not used is a skill lost so why not in quiet times reach out to people through the medium of a webinar
  • As a marketing tool to create and generate awareness of their products and services-As a small business owner you will no doubt be concerned about the future of your business and may be looking for ways to reach out to your customers and might be considering running webinars to educate and inform them
  • As a precursor to a series of paid for webinars -People often provide the first episodes free and as you are now hooked and want to know more they will offer you the others in the series for a price.

Whatever the reason you have in mind it is important to know what issues and problems your intended auidience have and then create a webinar informing them of the solutions to their problems rather than develop a webinar and then look for an audience. Steve and I fell into this trap we created a series of webinars based on the idea of how to save money in your business.

Creating the powerpoint presentation took ages with re-write after re-write and finally advertised our FREE webinars wherever we could and waiting in vain for people to sign up. Nothing feels sadder than running a webinar without an audience  but although painful at the time, it was an extremely useful learning experience.

Lesson -marketing and publishing your webite is of equal importance to the wffort to get the material right. Maybe a chicken and egg situation but I am leading towards the thought of creating a audience first then prepare your webinar presentation.That way there will be a purpose to the hard work of preparing material and practising its delivery.

Talking of practise -why not consider recording a practise session to use part of it as  introductotry material -People are more likely to attend a movie when they see the trailer so why not create a trailer for your webinar?

If you decide to use the medium of running a webinar tto promote your business then before you spend time, money and energy  on developing it -take some time to talk with and discuss with your potential customers what business issues they are facing just now (don’t assume you know).

Understand and establish what their current problems are and how they are hurting their businesses then develop your webinar on how they can solve those problems.

in essence find out what your potential clients issues are and then devise your webinar and not the other way round of developing an webinar and seek someone who might be interested.

Running webinars is just one of the things I teach new trainers -want to more how I can help you? why not book a free 20miute discussion with me?