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One of the biggest shocks I experienced as a new freelance trainer was that it wasn’t all about the training I was offering -i had now set up a training usiness and had in effect become a Business Owner with a wholeraft of new skills to acquire such as marketing, bookkeeping and negotiating my fees.

As a Business Owner you are constantly negotiating and here are three reasons why you may need to negotiate and learn to be better succesful at negotiating because it can be the difference between thriving and just surviving.

  • Negotiating with staff-I’m not just thinking of wages here but the myriad of small negotiations that happen each day such as ‘can I go early today Boss?’ or ‘can I change my holidays’. Whilst you may wish to be a generous employer uppermost in your mind should be the thought that you employ staff to help you generate profit a Consider how you can deal with their requests as a negotiation and always demand something back in return for granting their request for example ‘I’ll agree to you leaving early today if you come in early tomorrow so that we can get xxx order completed..
  • Negotiating with Suppliers-Whether it is from internet providers to printing companies Businesses need organisations to supply them. Choosing local companies rather than national concerns often means that you are more likely to speak with people who have authority to discount.

Ask for a discount or trade price as my dear old gran used to say “shy babes get no sweeties” in other words ‘don’t ask don’t get’. Just like any other business-you need to keep a tight rein on costs and reducing expenditure on things such as Travel, WIFI and utilities adds to your bottom line.

  • Negotiating when you have a complaint.-Who has not been the recipient of poor and neglectful service? We all unfortunately have and we probably believe that the correct action is to complain. Yes, venting your frustration can be therapeutic but that doesn’t get you any compensation. So, instead of just moaning at the Hotel, Restaurant or Supplier management consider what they can do to make things better and put things right.

For example, if you have a poor meal don’t grumble instead tell the Manager about it and suggest a solution such as a free dessert, drinks etc.

Think about what is in their power to resolve the situation and be reasonable in your request.All too often all I see is people moaning and complaining without giving any thought about what would be a useful way to resolve this problem.

In my experience Managers welcome the opportunity to redress the situation just so long as you are calm and not belligerent.

Can you think of any other examples of where Business Owners need to negotiate? Controlling costs is vital for the success of a business. Want to have some ideas on how to save on business expenses why not call me to discuss ideas? Simply book a 20minute free no obligation chat with me?