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Are you dragging your feet and resisting moving to training online? Perhaps you are holding on and waiting until until the lockdown restrictions are ia thing n the past and have put your training business on hold hoping face to face training will resume?

OK! I admit I was one of the generation of trainers who learned their craft in the face to face classroom and what’s more I also disparaged the concept of running training events online. My early experience of them as a learner was not inspiring- the technology was poor and the trainers uninspiring.

I was subjected to a rather boring presentation of slides online and felt discouraged from participating because we never knew when it was our turn to speak. Often when the trainer learners to interject in a discussion they ended up speaking over each other which had the effect of discouraging participation.

I do recognise however that the technology we used in the early 2010’s was was not as sophisticated as the platforms we use today but my poor experience made me very reticent to use this technology again.

However long before the pandemic the economy together with technology and social changes were already driving change in the world of training with more and more and training going online and less taking place in the traditional classroom format.With a more diverse workforce it was a challenge for people working part time with caring reaponisbilities to attend training courses a long way away from home.  Additionally some of the historic older buildings we used for training events were not suitable for wheelchair users or capable of being adapted because of planning issues on protected buildings. Consequenty  face to face training could be difficult for some people to atttend.

The Covid-19 Pandemic forced the immediate suspension of the face to face training experience therefore I had to lay aside my reservations and reluctantly go online.As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and we had to adapt fast.

Recognising my ineptitude with platforms like zoom, abode connect , Microsoft teams and Cisco WebEx I subjected my poor family of hours of me practising what buttons to press to launch features such as whiteboards, chat/message facility and Break -out rooms until I felt more comfortable with the technology. I must admit that they were stalwarts and must have been totally fed up with me saying’can you hear me?

The day came when I ran my first online virtual webinar -did it feel chunky, disjointed and less than perfect? Too right it did but the good news is that my participants hardly noticed and the feedback was still good. Since that webinar I have attended a number of train the trainer online events and learned how to use the webinar tools to encourage participation and the first full online course I ran entitled “Survival Skills for the Accidental Trainer” was extremely well received and I received excellent feedback.

My point is that if I with all my resistance to changing to online formats can do it -anyone can. Want some help doing this yourself -why not book a free 20 minute discussion with me and see how I can help?